Wow. 16,000 complaints among 243,000,000 treatments in a year – that’s a 0.006 per cent complaint rate. Well done, NHS! You’re doing a great job in really difficult times, with a government that HATES you (and let’s all remember that, next time Cameron spews the exact opposite) and private companies that want to carve you up and eat you for breakfast.
Let’s all just try telling our NHS doctors and nurses how much we value and appreciate the care they provide us, supported by our taxes.


If any clearer demonstration of the reasons behind the government’s and media’s strategy of escalating, negative NHS coverage was needed, it has been provided by a particularly shameless private health insurance website.

So sure of themselves are private health providers under this deeply, instinctively and intentionally anti-NHS government that this site doesn’t even attempt to be subtle. Instead it brazenly plays on the fear created by the barrage of skewed NHS smear stories to attempt to harvest cash from gullible or ill-informed people:


In a tactic that would be laughable if it weren’t so cynical and sinister, the site attempts to scare people into paying out unknown-but-no-doubt-hefty sums to buy private health insurance under its scandalous heading:

If you thought the NHS was enough to protect your health, then you might think twice after reading these 3 shocking true accounts! Ensure your health is protected today

It then goes on…

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