I very much agree with the sentiments expressed in this article, even if it has been posted under ‘hopeless naivete’!

Pride's Purge

(not satire)

The latest YouGov opinion poll (YouGov is the Rolls Royce of pollsters IMO) has Labour with a 10 point lead and Ed Miliband’s personal ratings up by 9 points after the Syria vote.

The latest voting intention is:





Some people might be surprised by this.

Some people might be surprised to discover that doing what the public overwhelmingly want can be good for politicians’ ratings in the opinion polls.

Others might even surmise that politicians doing what’s moral and right might also be good for their ratings in the opinion polls too.

What a radical thought.

Well, Ed Miliband’s just announced Labour will scrap the hated Bedroom Tax if they win the next election.

So perhaps some of our politicians are finally getting the message after all?


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