Well, predictably enough my post last night about Staffordshire police dropping their investigations into Julie Bailey’s supposed ‘harassment’, and the obvious significance of this for those claims and anything else she says, was like poking a stick into the ‘Cure the NHS’ hornets’ nest.

I’m pretty cynical about ‘Cure’ and am under no illusions about the reality that lies behind their claimed saintliness, but their tactics – and the speed with which they’ve resorted to them this time – have managed to shock even me.

Gary Walker’s immediate reaction was to try to smear me by association, by making a pathetic attempt to link me with child abuse:




Mr Walker – no relation to me, thank God – knows perfectly well that my argument with him and his pal/alter-ego ‘loki/phyllis‘ is about the attempted blackmail by Cure supporters to silence a man who dared to disagree…

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