This is an excellent piece on the Skwawkbox blog, revealing the considerable shortfall between the benefits received by jobseekers and the amount of money they would reasonably expect to pay out if they were to carry out the duties expected of them by the government.
The article sums up by declaring that we are living under a “robber-government”.


What I’m about to share with you demonstrates beyond reasonable doubt the reckless, couldn’t-give-a-**** attitude of the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) toward the people it is supposed to be supporting.

It also demonstrates (yet again):

  • that the DWP’s concept of the the cost of living, the cost of jobseeking and the reality of life on benefits is utterly divorced from the daily experience of those for whom it is responsible (remember IDS’ ludicrous claim that he could live on £53 a week if he had to?);
  • the way in which the DWP, which has become thoroughly malignant under Secretary of State Iain (Duncan) Smith and other ministers, redefines benign words as their polar opposite in their attempt to disguise the attitudes and behaviours that are pushing millions into poverty, and making it harder for the unemployed to get work or even get by, as ‘help’ and ‘support’.

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