I’m not saying Vox Political approves of everything that is suggested here, but much of it has been put forward in previous articles on this site so it is broadly in line with the philosophy here.
What do other readers think?


Every day I’m reading how many people are desperately struggling  Just to survive; people are disillusioned with the agendas of all major Political  Parties and are seeking alternatives. Last May John McDonnell MP published a statement with the same title as this post, the reason I’m using ‘The Radical Alternative to Austerity’ is what follows is that post which, to me addresses the current situation, and offers practical solutions to redress…

The austerity programme of the Coalition government is not just failing; it is prolonging and deepening the recession. Cuts in investment in public services, in jobs, wages, pensions and benefits are creating mass unemployment and mounting hardship.

Austerity is creating a spiral of economic decline as cuts produce high levels of unemployment which in turn reduces tax income and prompts another round of cuts and job losses.

The Government’s austerity measures are also unfair as the only people the…

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