Regular visitors to this blog (and any Guardian reader) will be familiar with the fake psychometric ‘test’ the DWP and Cabinet Office were inflicting on unemployed people under threat of benefit sanction.

This ‘test’, devised by a US ‘torture guru’, which asked a series of disturbing questions resulting in meaningless answers, was forced on jobseekers without any of the safeguards required of proper psychological experiments, and has resulted in complaints from many qualified psychologists. An investigation into the DWP’s leading psychologist has been initiated by the care professions’ oversight body.

However, much of the drive to implement this experiment came from the Number 10’s (via the Cabinet Office) ‘Behavioural Insights Team, or ‘nudge unit‘ – and the nudge unit does not have a properly-qualified psychologist. Its head has a psychology degree, but that does not qualify someone to conduct experiments.

To get to the bottom of…

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