Here’s the response from disability organisations DPAC and Black Triangle to Dr Phil Peverley’s misplaced remarks, published in the Daily Mail – – claiming that large numbers of disability benefit claimants could work because, after all, Stephen Hawking isn’t on the sick.

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This was a screaming headline in the Daily Mail this week: THIS bloke is not on the sick! Angry GP cites Hawking to shame hordes of patients asking him to sign them off.

Whilst I do understand frustration from a doctor working in the severely underfunded NHS, with stretched resources and limits on time, these are issues to address to those responsible for them: the Government. Instead Dr Phil Peverley decided to scapegoat and further stigmatise sick and disabled people.

Dr Phil Peverley grossly misunderstands the horrific regime that the Government have set up for sick and disabled people. In order to qualify for benefits, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)  demands that we submit evidence via “fitnotes” from our GPs.

Initially this is on a monthly basis until an “assessment” is arranged by the DWP and Atos. This happens any time after 13 weeks from the initial claim…

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