Massive credit must go to author Simon Maginn (@simonmaginn on Twitter) for his big investment of time and effort to do the ‘grunt-work’ putting together the information I’m about to share with you.

All of this information is on the official record, but you will struggle very hard to find a single mention of it in the media as they tout the HSMR statistics compiled by Doctor Foster Intelligence (DFI) and its subsidiary unit, Doctor Foster Unit (DFU) at Imperial College.

Some background for 1st-time visitors

There is no ‘Dr Foster’ involved (and arguably not much ‘intelligence’ of any type we’d appreciate) – it’s just a play on an old nursery rhyme – but this commercial company and its statistical spokesman Professor Sir Brian Jarman have enjoyed a very high profile over recent months during which hospital after hospital has been falsely accused of effectively killing patients by the media.

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