Last Monday, I attended a semi-clandestine meeting in Stafford. This meeting was to allow Guardian journalist Randeep Ramesh to meet Stafford hospital staff and some of those who have campaigned to save the hospital or to correct the culpably inaccurate portrayal of Stafford as a hospital that ‘killed’ hundreds of its patients, as preparation for an article that would finally, finally, begin to bring the long-overdue refutation of the misleading narrative into the mainstream.

This article, which has now been published and which became the ‘Society’ sections most read of the preceding 24 hours within a couple of hours of its publication, represents an important step in the right direction, as the supposed ‘facts’ of Stafford begin to be challenged in the professional media.


As I predicted a couple of weeks ago, the media and the government over-reached themselves when they lied about the Keogh report, before its publication…

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