Before reading this, please note that the findings in this article are NOT conclusive, nor are they presented as such. They raise serious questions about the independence of an ‘expert’ who has dragged Labour into disrepute, but further proof is needed before any direct assertions may be made.
In fairness, if Prof Jarman does have financial links to Doctor Foster, and through them, to the Department of Health, now’s the time to admit it.


On the day of the publication last week of Sir Bruce Keogh’s report (heavily and utterly misleadingly trailed by right-wing media and commentators) into 14 NHS Trusts, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt’s statement to the Commons included an interesting referral as he tried to paint Labour as culpable for a supposed cover-up of ‘avoidable’ mortality in the NHS:

Professor Brian Jarman—[Interruption.] I think Opposition Members might want to listen to this, because it is what independent people are saying. Professor Jarman, who invented hospital standardised mortality indices, said that “the problem was ministerial pressure, even from Number 10.

It turned out that Hunt was misleading in his claims of ‘ministerial pressure’ by Labour throughout his statement, as this article by Shibley, and the letter he reproduces from Baroness Young, show. But was he right in describing Professor Jarman as ‘independent’?

He’s certainly right in implying that the…

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