Thanks to BeetleyPete for promoting the new Vox Political book, Strong Words and Hard Times!


I have always campaigned against bloggers selling stuff. Lifestyles, SEO opportunities, Holidays and Travel ‘Experiences’, God, cults, strange diets, weird minerals and vitamins that sound lethal; even garden sheds, ladders, and pets. It is all out there.

However, writing is another story, (get it?) and to be encouraged. I follow a blog called ‘Vox Political’, written by the sharply-named Mike Sivier, which I always think sounds like a news presenter, or the star of an American cop show. He is a local politician from the West, and a staunch Labour supporter. I normally have little truck with Labour, at least since the reviled Kinnock dynasty, and possibly because I was ousted for being a member of Militant. However, Mike’s relentless barrage against the current coalition, backed up by salient facts, re-blogs, and obvious fervour, is always worth reading.

He has now complied his best blogs into a book. This is…

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