Just noticed that the Daily Fail ( re-ran Brian Jarman’s old ’20k needless deaths’ claim early on Tuesday morning, ahead of the publication of the Keogh report. There’s no question from the content of their article that the intent was to turn up the heat on Andy Burnham and to try even harder to dislodge Labour as the party of the NHS.
Well, that’s egg, sausage and chips all over their faces now, since Bruce Keogh completely disavowed the 13k deaths claim in a private email ( as well as most emphatically in his report.
The lurid death-headlines, from Mid Staffs to Basildon and Thurrock and every point in between, are now thoroughly discredited – but I’d lay money it’s not the last we’ll see of them. The aims of the government and the right-wing media, and Prof Jarman’s increasingly desperate attempts to restore his dysfunctional statistical system to what…

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