As a carer, I must declare an interest in this one. What do other readers think of it?

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Government failing to protect carers and disabled people from ‘spare room’ cuts

Carers are being hard hit by the Government ‘bedroom tax’ cuts to Housing Benefit – despite
Ministers’ promises of support to protect carers and disabled people.

New research by Carers UK, published 100 days after the introduction of the ‘bedroom tax’ laysbare the shocking impact of the policy on families caring for disabled loved ones.


From the ‘Carers UK’ website – read the rest of their press release here:

Carers UK interviewed 100 carers affected by the changes, and the findings include:

• Three quarters (75%) of carers having to pay the ‘bedroom tax’ are being forced to cut back
on essential spending on food, electricity and heating.
• One in six (17%) are falling behind on their rent and face eviction.

The welfare changes dubbed the ‘bedroom tax’ mean people in social housing considered to…

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