I hope Samuel Miller is reading this, as I think his contacts in the UN should see it. What chance does anyone have of getting justice, within this country’s legal system, when THEY are the ones facing the possibility of arrest?
So far, the police appear to have taken the sensible route. How long do you think it will be before Iain Duncan Smith introduces legislation to compel them to enforce his political agenda?

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ATOS, the firm contracted by the UK government to perform ‘Work Capability Assessments’ on the entire population claiming incapacity benefits are never far from controversy. But the firm have now been found to have called in police in efforts to prevent welfare experts advising the sick and disabled people undergoing assessments, adding credence to claims that a meeting with ATOS is simply a ‘computer says no’ scenario.

Who the F*** are ATOS?


Atos didn’t just enter with the Coalition.  They have been the sole provider of medical assessments for the DWP since 1998.  While Atos is the bulldog, it is the ministers of the DWP who hold the leash – and this government have given a firm order to attack.

The government has mandated that every single person claiming social security payments for sickness or disability undergo a work capability test with Atos, to determine whether they could…

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