According to newspaper reports, Julie Bailey, founder of the so-called patients’ campaign group Cure the NHS (Cure), has left Stafford – supposedly ‘driven out’ by a ‘hate campaign’ orchestrated by the people of the town who are said to hate her for her ‘tireless campaigning’, driven by grief for her mother and others who died at Stafford hospital and her desire, as she has claimed and as she has named her group, to ‘cure’ the NHS:



Ms Bailey has been portrayed as a long-suffering heroine whose ‘Breaks’ cafe near the town centre was shunned by the townspeople, bringing her to the verge of penury. Such is the supposed nobility of her cause. As she claimed in a Daily Mirror interview:

And now she’s broke because her café in the town that used to provide her with a decent ­living is all but deserted these days – boycotted by locals…

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