If anyone has any information to suggest that Mark Lancaster MP is a wrong ‘un, I’ll be very disappointed after his showing here. Is he the one decent Conservative MP – the exception that proves the rule? See for yourself.


Another Conservative MP has responded to his constituent’s letter regarding the government’s abuse of statistics, which the UK Statistics Authority has unequivocally highlighted. This one – from a minister, no less – is remarkable, and strikingly different to the first two replies, from Rory Stewart and Justin Tomlinson.

This reply is from Mark Lancaster, Tory MP for Milton Keynes North – ‘Lord Commissioner of HM Treasury’ (a ministerial position) and still a serving member of the armed forces. Maybe it’s his army training, but this response has a completely different feel – and I respect its brevity and directness at least:


Thank you for your email and apologise for not getting round to responding immediately to it.

Unfortunately because I am a Minister I am unable to raise questions in the house, so will be unable to adhere to your third request but let me try and…

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