If anybody can tell me what the MP in this one is trying to say, please – PLEASE – get in touch via the comments column because I’m starting to get a headache after reading it.


Since I invited readers to write a specific email to their Tory or LibDem MP to demand a straight, personal answer on the government’s reckless and intentional abuse of statistics even after they’ve been rebuked by their own statistics authority, a couple of Tory MPs have surprised me by responding very quickly, and with a personal response rather than the previous rote repetition of a communiqué from their central office.

That’s where the surprises have ended – except that the first such response managed to astonish even cynical me with its blatant evasion of anything remotely resembling actually addressing the issues. But it was entirely in keeping with a party that is ‘extremely relaxed’ about its relationship with the truth and which appears to feel no remorse over its gross distortion of facts and statistics to deceive and demonise.

A 2nd Tory MP has now responded, and once again I…

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