The final revelation in the latest episode of ‘Nudge Unit Follies’ is absolute dynamite. These Tory tricksters at the top of government seem to think that unemployed people are there for their amusement, and clearly show no recognition that they are dealing with sentient beings who have rights of their own. Perhaps it is the government ministers who should be taking psychological tests (real ones this time)?



Please share this widely, as I think it’s huge.

There has been considerable furore over the fake psychometric ‘test’ the DWP has been forcing jobseekers to use under the threat of ‘sanction’ (immediate loss of benefits) since I revealed it in April and the Guardian newspaper published its own account of the story at the beginning of May.

The DWP and the head of Downing Street’s ‘Behavioural Insights Team’ (BIT or ‘nudge unit’) officially denied to the Guardian that anyone had ever been forced to complete the ‘test’, while the head of the nudge unit even wrote an indignant open letter to the Guardian to the same effect. The government then issued a confused statement stating both that it had not forced anyone to take the test – and that it had.

Now a further Freedom of Information (FOI) response from the Cabinet Office has finally come clean on the…

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