This is a reminder of just how two-faced our ‘comedy’ Prime Minister can be. He recommends a man for an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours “for services to survivors and victims of abuse” – then withdraws funding for those services.

Westminster Confidential

This is  Graham Wilmer who received an MBE in The Queen’s Birthday Honours at the weekend.  He received the honour because of his tireless work to provide support for the survivors of child sexual abuse through the Wirral based Lantern Project (.

His citation reads:“For services to survivors and victims of abuse.”

The letter from the Cabinet Office says the award was made on the recommendation of the Prime Minister.

But what the Prime Minister gives, the PM also takes away.

Just as he receives his award – a pinnacle of achievement and recognition for a sexually abused kid who now helps others – the government is stripping him of any funding which virtually means his operation has no cash after September. The full story can be seen on Exaro News –

Funny  that. Cash is no longer available just at the point when  the Met Police…

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