Here’s another chance to throw mud in David Cameron’s lying face. In Prime Minister’s Questions today (Wednesday), he twice repeated his favourite falsehood – that spending on the NHS is rising under his (please don’t call it a) government. The Skwawkbox blog provides just a few reasons we know this isn’t true – and then asks you to help shut down Cameron’s lies. All it takes is a quick email to the UK Statistics Authority.
So go on. If you’ve got five minutes to read this, you’ve got five minutes to shut up the biggest liar in Britain. It won’t cost a thing and there won’t be any pain (well, not to you).


I wrote at the weekend about David Cameron’s blatant lie in last week’s Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs) that his government is “putting £12.7 billion extra into the NHS”.

It was blatant not only because it’s absolutely untrue, but even more so because the government was already rebuked by the UK Statistics Authority (UKSA) for making the claim when the statistics suggest that spending has gone down in real terms.

David Cameron repeated his ‘Big Lie’ in today’s PMQs – not once, but twice:

This Government are putting £12.7 billion extra into the NHS

and, in a separate ‘answer’,

The Government have put £12.7 billion extra into our NHS. That is how we are supporting carers and hospitals

Leave aside for time being the nonsense of the idea that the Tory-led government is supporting hospitals when A&E waiting times are the highest in 9 years, over 7,000 nursing posts have been…

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