We have all known since before Christmas that Universal Jobmatch is unsafe and puts jobseekers at risk of identity theft (among other perils). The latest Skwawkbox article reveals the latest Catch-22 situation faced by Jobseekers, who may be mandated to leave their personal details open to anyone using the same public computer terminal as them, if they don’t have a computer at home.
Of particular concern is the attempt to coerce jobseekers into letting Jobcentre Plus staff have access to their email accounts. Big Brother (or Sister) really will be watching you if you’re bullied into letting that happen! And who knows what they might do with the emails they discover?
Who needs the Snooper’s Charter when the DWP is reading your mail?



Please circulate this as widely as you can. I think it is even more massive than the issue of the DWP’s fake ‘psychometric test’.

There has been much attention in recent weeks on the Dept of Work and Pension’s (DWP) ‘cruel and unusual‘ treatment of jobseekers. It has forced claimants to take fake online tests under threat of losing their benefits, and then denied it and admitted it in the same Freedom of Information response.

It has arbitrarily sanctioned vast – and rapidly increasing – numbers of claimants, and looks set to impose the maximum penalties of up to 3 years on at least 100,000 people (and more likely 300,000 or more).

Thanks to a tip-off from a reader, I’ve uncovered another in a seemingly endless line of reckless and unreasonable DWP behaviour – not to mention quite possibly illegal, as it must surely breach the Data Protection…

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