This is an excellent idea and I hope everyone reading this takes it up. Not only will it put pressure on the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats to support honesty and – in doing so – condemn their own government; it will also sort out the wheat from the chaff in the Labour Party and the other opposition groups. We can, and should, make this an election issue. Nobody should believe they can be elected into government on the basis of lies, and nobody should believe they can get away with trying to deceive us when IN government.


I’d like to enlist your help – both directly and by sharing this post widely so that lots of others do the same and momentum is built and maintained on the issue.

I posted this morning about the second rebuke the Tories, in particular the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) has received for blatant and extreme distortions of statistics to demonise benefit claimants – in the latter instance, a completely unfounded suggestion that almost 900,000 disability benefit claimants suddenly dropped their claims rather than face a medical assessment.

A brilliant idea was posted as a comment on that article, and I need your help to use it to turn up the Parliamentary pressure for Iain (Duncan) Smith and Grant Shapps to be held to account for lying to the British public and (in Smith’s case at least) to Parliament. has a very simple search function that allows you…

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