This is a prelude to many more – possibly worse – such events happening as bedroom tax evictions start to take place. Here we have a 16-year-old, disabled youth left fighting for his life, due to the callous actions of social housing staff in Hackney, and despite the fact that his family continues to be entitled to social housing.
From what we see here, it seems that, following the death of this young man’s father, the heads at Hackney Homes decided the family home of the previous 40 years was now too big for them.

the void

Hackney HomesA call has gone out to contact Hackney Homes in protest after a young  disabled man has been left fighting for his life shortly after being evicted from his home by the arms length management organisation (ALMO) who manage much of the social housing in Hackney.

According to the Hackney Gazette“George Hawkins, 16, who suffers from degenerative epileptic condition Dravet Syndrome, began having unusual seizure activity and spasms last Saturday, but stopped breathing and turned blue after taking a dose of Midazalam, an emergency medication to stop seizures, the following night.

“He has spent the last few days on a ventilator in the Royal London Hospital, and doctors are trying out various strong drugs to control his fits – which have still not worked to bring them under control.”

This eviction took place even after medical staff wrote to Hackney Homes warning that the young man needs: “stable…

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