This story will run forever – or at least, as long as it takes for the DWP to come up with a story that makes sense.
The rest of us have already come up with a story that makes sense, and the DWP’s continued efforts to fabricate something plausible from the material that is already publicly available only serves to confirm it.
Here’s the next chapter in Skwawkbox’s exposure of the DWP’s fake psychometric test. Let’s hope the Work and Pensions Committee grills Iain Duncan Smith about this little wheeze as well as his other exaggerations of the truth, when they drag his sorry bones in front of them (as promised) in the very near future.



Last month, I revealed that the DWP was forcing jobseekers to take a fake psychometric ‘test’ – under threat of losing their benefits – as part of a sinister ‘behavioural control’ experiment on behalf of David Cameron’s ‘Behavioural Insights Team’ (BIT) or ‘nudge unit’.

This story was picked up by the Guardian (and was one of its most-read items) as well as by other newpapers and even by BBC Radio 4. The letter given by the DWP’s Jobcentre Plus (JCP) stated clearly that non-compliance with the instruction to take the test could result in sanction, or loss of benefits.

However, the DWP has since tried to weasel out of responsibility for its actions by claiming that the letter instructed ‘Maggie’ to take a ‘My Skills’ test, while the sinister fake test was called a ‘My Strengths’ test.

The DWP continues to make this claim. Last month I sent a Freedom of…

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