Coming on the same day as my own article on government members who not only lie to Parliament and the public but also break the law, apparently with impunity – – this is a must-read. Yet again the DWP is in trouble.
Yet again, the mainstream media have not mentioned it at all (this article is based on a piece from Inside Housing).
What next?
I can only rub my hands with glee and hope for the best…

the void

civil-servant-in-the-dockAnother of Iain Duncan Smith’s flagship welfare reforms is to face a court challenge it has been reported this week.  Four families are to bring a judicial review against the cap on benefits at £500 a week which was recently brought into force in three London boroughs and is due to be extended throughout the UK from July.  The families will argue that the cap is ‘discriminatory and unreasonable’.

This latest legal challenge comes in the same week that the DWP faced a humiliating court defeat over the Atos assessments for sickness and disability benefits – which were ruled to discriminate against people with mental health conditions.  This followed last week’s news that the DWP had lost a tribunal hearing and was ordered to release the names of the companies and charities profiting from workfare schemes.

These are the very same workfare schemes which were ruled unlawful in the Appeal…

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