There’s a sitcom on ITV at the moment called The Job Lot, about life in a West Midlands Job Centre. I’ve missed every episode so far (not by intention) but my impression has been that it may be a whitewash job for the DWP. Here’s the true story.
I doubt the ITV sitcom has had any scenes that are even close to being as funny as the interview chronicled in this article – probably because we know that this one actually happened. The sad part is that people are going through this every day.
For real.


My transition from good-for-nothing benefits scrounger to upstanding citizen is only a phone call away. Yes, for the last couple of months copywriting and content writing work was harder to find and I’ve been claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance. Now that I’ve got a regular job again I went down to my local Jobcentre to close my claim. Turned out it wasn’t so easy.

“We can’t close your claim because you didn’t sign in on Monday so we have to take disciplinary action against you. Your benefits have been stopped and it’ll have to go to a hearing,” said Lauren, one of the Job Centre staff.

“But I was at training,” I explained. “And I sent you two messages saying I couldn’t sign in that day. I gave you a message online and got my friend to come in and give you a note.”

“That doesn’t make any difference because you didn’t…

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