Foodbanks have interested me for many months, now. As a Citizens Advice representative, I shall be attending a meeting of voluntary organisations to discuss food banks here in Powys early next month, and I have had discussions with organisations in my town about setting one up. This is because disastrous government policies have made them necessary, even if only as a precaution.
The government’s own attitude to food banks continues to defy belief and is summarised excellently in this article on the Skwawkbox blog.


I often pick up on interesting exchanges from the Commons for this blog. However, this week I came across one which went way beyond ‘interesting’ and well into the territory of ‘he can’t possibly have really just said that’.

I’ve written before about Foodbanks, and the appalling gall of David Cameron in trying to claim the exponential rise in their numbers as an expression of his ‘Big Society’. Cameron has also been incredibly disingenuous when criticised about this rise, claiming that

The use of food banks went up tenfold under the last Labour government.

As Channel 4’s Full Fact has pointed out, the tenfold increase during 6 years under the last Labour government in the number of people receiving help from Foodbanks (by around 36,000 to 40,898) is dwarfed by the increase of 87,799 (to 128,697) that took place in just the first 2 years of the coalition government.

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