Here’s our chance to get some hard evidence into Parliament about the misdeeds of Job Centre Plus employees, working for the Department of Work and Pensions. I have information that will be going in – have you?



I’ve written variously about the abuse of vulnerable jobseekers by the Department of Work and Pensions via ‘jobseekers’ directions’ issued by Jobcentre Plus – which was then featured by the Guardian and became one of its highest-read articles of the week in which it was published, and rightly so.

The Commons’ ‘Work and Pensions Committee’ is conducting an examination of the role of Jobcentre Plus, including “the level and appropriateness of JCP’s use of benefit sanctions“. I’ve already made my submission to the committee, sending the links to various pieces of information I’ve published on the matter.

If you have relevant information of your own, why not send in your own submission? Instructions on how to do so can be found here.

Get writing and let’s get increased attention on the misdeeds of Iain (Duncan) Smith and co. The deadlne for evidence is 24 May so don’t…

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