An amusing post that exposes an insidious scheme.
I think Steve Walker gets a little hyperbolic in his ‘Tory’ rhetoric (although only a little over-the-top) but the truth of the matter is there for anyone who wants to see it – not just here, but in any NHS-bashing story you might find over the last couple of years and into the future.
And the warning is clear: Beware Conservatives talking about the NHS. They can’t be trusted.


For some years now, as a form of education and occasional amusement (and not a little exasperation!), I’ve subscribed to various right-wing mailing lists, in the UK and elsewhere, in order to keep abreast of the latest in conservative ‘thought’. I know – the lengths I’ll go to in pursuit of information!

Most times I receive messages, a quick glance is enough to know to delete immediately. ‘Nothing to see here. Move along, move along‘. But just occasionally, one of these emails is useful.

I received one such late last night, in which a US right-wing group that considers socialised medicine to be on a par with satanism, tries to persuade readers that ‘Obamacare’ – Barack Obama’s noble-but-limited effort to lift the crushing burden of healthcare costs from the backs of hundreds of millions of ordinary American citizens – is killing more people than it cures.

Why was…

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