I wrote yesterday about the sound backside-spanking that Iain (Duncan) Smith had received from the UK Statistics Authority (UKSA) for claiming statistics showed effects of Tory policies, which the UKSA said, as categorically as could be

are unsupported by the official statistics.

The UKSA also criticised the DWP for making the claim even though the official statistical release

explicitly states that the figures are not intended to show the additional numbers returning to work as a direct result

of the government’s measures. As the excellent Vox Political blog pointed out, Smith committed contempt of Parliament by making these claims to the Commons when he knew they were false.

But he has gone much further. He even directly lied to Parliament about the UKSA’s verdict on his statistical abuse. This extract from the Parliamentary Hansard record of Friday’s debate is long, but it’s worth reading:

Mr Duncan Smith: The hon. Lady…

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