Another outrage due to the nonsense ‘austerity’ measures that Iain Duncan Smith and his so-called government love so much. This time there can be no doubt about where the blame lies, though – Stephanie Bottrill lays it directly on the government.
Long-term readers of Vox Political will know of a gentleman named Samuel Miller, who has been trying to engage the International Criminal Court in prosecuting Smith and other government figures for crimes against humanity. The ICC has been reluctant to prosecute the instigators of austerity measures, saying it needed evidence.
How much evidence does it need?
One death due to government policies ought to be enough.
In fact, it’s far too many.

the void

Stephanie-BottrillThe welfare reform death toll has risen by one more tragic victim the Sunday People is reporting.  The papers says:

Ten days ago Stephanie Bottrill sat in the redbrick terrace house which had been home for 18 years to write notes to her loved ones, the Sunday People reports .

She ripped the pages from a spiral-bound notebook and placed them neatly in little brown envelopes.

There was one for her son. Another for her daughter. Her mother. Friends. And a very special one for the year-old grandson she doted on.

Then in the early hours of last Saturday Stephanie, 53, left her home for the last time, leaving her cat Joey behind as the front-door clicked shut.

She crossed her road in Meriden Drive, Solihull, to drop one of her letters and her house keys through a neighbour’s letterbox. Then she walked 15 minutes through the sleeping estate…

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