The title says it all – Atos and DWP kill again.
There is nothing in this article that we don’t know already, but it is worth reblogging here for one reason alone: This is still going on. Despite all the protest, the uproar in those parts of the press that aren’t completely sublimated into Tory policy, and furore in Parliamentary debates, Iain Duncan Smith’s Department for Work and Pensions kills again.

Tim's Thoughts

DWP like to stop peoples money for no reason. There have been many cases of this nature in the past, many brought up in the house of commons and political debates. In one example someone had epilepsy and the DWP stopped their benefits. The claimant then got really ill and died due to stress which triggered an epileptic fit, only to have the DWP call his parents a week later and say sorry they had made a mistake and he was entitled to benefits. Ouch.

There are 1000’s of other examples I could use. These are not isolated incidents.

So yesterday…

Thirty Year old Iain Hodge commited suicide at a flat he had recently moved into with his fiance Viki who discovered his body early in the morning. The couple from East Kilbride had saved money aside to ‘ do up the flat’ once they moved in, but Iain had…

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