The Skwawkbox expose of DWP dirty-dealing continues with an examination of an ‘enterprise skills’ course which requires those taking it to have reached a reasonable standard of literacy and numeracy. Unfortunately, the Department for Work and Pensions is determinedly shovelling anybody it can onto the course, regardless of their ability, in what it clearly a plan to bully people who are more vulnerable than most off the books. Despicable.
I don’t think we’ve heard the last of this government department’s dirty tricks yet. If we ever get a proper government in again, the whole organisation might have to be dismantled and rebuilt from scratch. If so, the cost should be met by the individuals and organisations who are currently making such a mess of it (in my opinion).


Please share widely. The DWP has been ‘found out’ in all kinds of unethical and possibly criminal behaviour, and the extent of its abuses and even theft needs to be exposed.

The story so far (please skip down to the new information if you already know the background!):

I’ve written over the last week or so about the fake psychometric ‘test’ that the Department of Work and Pensions’ (DWP) Jobcentre Plus (JCP) centres are forcing jobseekers to take by threatening them with sanction (the removal of their benefits) if they don’t.

As I (and then subsequently various mainstream newspapers) pointed out, this fake ‘test’ was  meaningless – it gave exactly the same results for extreme opposite answers, and for a neutral answer all the way through its 48 questions. As Downing Street’s Behavioural Insights Team, or ‘nudge unit’, inadvertently made clear, the accuracy of the ‘personality profile’ was irrelevant…

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