Here’s a further analysis of the DWP’s fake psychometric test, going into the effect of having to take it on individual jobseekers.
For me, the point that sprang out of this one is that around one in 20 jobseekers are being sanctioned every month – because it corresponds exactly with the leaked documents showing that Job Centre Plus has been set a target, to sanction five per cent of Jobseekers. That’s one in 20.
And yet the DWP claims it has no such targets. Another example for Sheila Gilmore’s list, I think.


Last week I wrote about ‘Maggie‘, and the fake psychometric ‘test’ that she’d been ordered to take by the DWP under threat of losing her benefits. That series of posts has been one of the most read since I started this blog, getting picked up by a number of mainstream news sites and sparking a huge amount of comment.

The vast majority of this comment was as outraged as I was, although some didn’t see what the ‘big deal’ was, and a small number of posters (primarily on the Guardian‘s version of the article) took the line of ‘Why not? Anything you do to encourage/force people to get a job is fair game‘, which was no less depressing for being unsurprising.

One theme that came through strongly in the comments was from psychologists with experience of conducting (ethical) trials – that of how crucial it…

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