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The Conservative Party’s capacity for deception and (self-) delusion would be hilarious if it weren’t so dangerous.

Faced with the emergence of UKIP as a serious contender and the new third-placed party in British politics, David Cameron pledged – not to change Tory policies into something remotely in touch with what most people want, but to “work really hard to win back” former Conservative voters who have defected.

In policy terms, he’s determined to do more of the same, as we’ll explore later in this article, but the plan is to dribble gibberish into the ears of the Party’s formerly-faithful and hope that they’re stupid enough to believe it.

What’s really worrying is it might work. This is a group including people who stopped supporting the Conservatives because they were disgusted with current welfare policies (Atos/Unum, ESA, WCA, 73 deaths per week on average, by now you should all know the facts), only to vote for a party that describes benefit claimants as “a parasitic underclass of scroungers”.

UKIP’s policies include forced unpaid work for all Housing and Council Tax Benefit claimants (presumably this now applies to people on Council Tax Reduction Schemes, and it will be interesting to see how the 90+ per cent of HB claimants since 2010, who already have jobs, would manage this extra unpaid work commitment), slashing ESA to Jobseekers’ Allowance rates, and cutting childcare support for working parents.

A more rational view of the situation might be that the defectors are people who, disgusted with Conservative policies, invested their vote in the current ‘party of protest’ – UKIP – for one election only, in the hope of effecting real change in the mainstream parties.

Fat chance. The Conservative Party is not a mainstream organisation but a minority-interest party working for the tiny proportion of extremely rich people who are sitting at the top of our society, manipulating the rest of us while taking all our money.

Look at Cameron’s response. He said he understood that people “want us to do even more for hard-working people”. That was the Tory slogan, though, wasn’t it? “For hard-working people”? So no policy change there.

“More to help with the cost of living, more to turn the economy round, more to get immigration down, to sort out the welfare system.” In other words, more of the same.

Note that the cost of living has skyrocketed under the Conservative-led Coalition government. Grocery bills are up by around a fifth, energy bills are up under the privatised profit-driven companies, rents are up because of greedy landlords sucking in all the Landlord Benefit they can get before the benefit cap turns off the tap for them. Need I go on?

If the Conservatives do more to turn the economy around it will crash altogether. They halved infrastructure investment when they came into power, raised VAT, cut benefits and wages, meaning the money supply was cut off; rich people bank the majority of their money and do not spend it, which is why ‘trickle-down’ economics is nonsense. Poorer people, who do spend everything they get, no longer get anything to spend. There is no money going into the system, and there has been no investment in modernising the system to make it work.

The problem with immigration is not that it is too high but that it is uncontrolled. As I wrote yesterday, people in the UK would not travel to live in a foreign country where they didn’t have a job or place to live and couldn’t speak the language, so why should anyone come here under the same conditions? They need to be moving here for a good reason – because they have work here. That’s all the system needs – why provoke a confrontation with Europe when all that’s required is a small tweak?

As for the welfare system, which is the single part of government spending that has suffered the heaviest cuts, affecting the poorest, the most vulnerable, the least able to protect themselves – Conservative policy on welfare is the greatest disgrace in British politics of the 21st century. It has put innocent blood on their hands that they should never be allowed to wash off. Hearing the Conservative Prime Minister who supported these policies say he wants to accelerate them is like hearing that a wolf has been set loose amongst a fold of sheep.

Let’s not forget that Cameron said UKIP’s policies would be “subject to proper scrutiny”. Can we hope that this scrutiny will in fact go into the policies, rather than into efforts to smear particular candidates or councillors, which is where the Tories concentrated their efforts before the election?

So really, when he says “we need to do more”, Cameron means “The plebs are getting uppity so we must punish them”!

Still, it’s good news for some. One of my less-attractive acquaintances wants to find himself a young woman who admits voting Conservative. His attitude is: “If she’ll let David Cameron and Eric Pickles shaft her, then even I might be in with a chance!”

He’s working-class. I don’t think he’s thought it through.