Criminality rears its head in the heart of the Coalition government YET AGAIN! Not only did the DWP break both UK and EU law by running (fake) psychometric tests on jobseekers without getting informed consent, but the so-called ‘Nudge Unit’ that devised the project has STOLEN the test from its US creators. These people didn’t get permission to use the questions and are now facing legal action from abroad. One wonders if the government will be able to squash that kind of litigation, in the same way some of us fear it does with home-grown cases!


This will be brief, as I’m just making a quick stop on the motorway. The saga of the fake psychometric ‘test’, which the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) has been forcing jobseekers to take under threat of losing their benefits, has just taken a very interesting turn.

Apparently, the US creators of the original test of 150 or so questions, from which the 48 questions for the DWP’s bogus test were taken, have read my blog and the Guardian article that spun off from it, and are going ballistic.

Because the DWP’s ‘nudge unit’ that devised the test as a means of cynically manipulating jobseekers, did not bother to get permission to use the questions in their ‘randomised control trial’ of its effects on hapless jobseekers.

They stole it. And the owners are livid about that, and about how they’ve used the ‘test’ without any of the usual…

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