Another excellent piece of journalism uncovering the illegality (under UK and EU law) of the DWP’s fake psychometric test. My guess is that whoever devised this particular piece of torture for jobseekers was relying on the probability that nobody would be aware of the EU law, or have the ability to look it up.

One thing that does concern me – especially considering the coverage in the Guardian and HuffPost, is the low number of shares on the social media, especially Facebook. Please help make sure this message gets out by sharing it as widely as possible yourself.


It’s been a big day. My articles on the fake psychometric ‘test’ that the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) is forcing unemployed people to take on pain of losing their benefits were picked up by the Guardian’s Shiv Malik, and subsequently by the Huffington Post’s Felicity Morse. As a result of Shiv Malik’s article, the Guardian asked me to write a brief piece for its ‘Comment is free’ section – my first ever piece of mainstream journalism.

Malik’s article was the most-read of the day in the newspaper’s ‘Society’ section. Clearly the unethical actions by the DWP have struck a chord in people – and rightly so. It’s been great to see such a spotlight shone on such a fundamental issue as the way in which the government is cynically manipulating – and nakedly threatening – disadvantaged people.

However, it appears that the government’s behaviour in this…

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