I’m reblogging a lot of Skwawkbox material lately, but I make no apology for this because it is too good to miss. You probably won’t see it in the national media, and it is exactly what Facebook is doing its damnedest to stop you from seeing.
Considering the subject matter, what I’m about to write may seem like a poor attempt at wit. It isn’t.
Please make this go viral.


I want to keep this post short, as I don’t want my words to get in the way. This government, for its own political purposes, has been cynically promoting the idea that there is a lack of compassion in nursing in order to divert attention from the real problem in the NHS: understaffing.

The strident calls of some misguided patient groups has fuelled what has become a frenzy of nurse-bashing in many parts of the media, and some people are stupid enough to believe the smears.

Those people should watch this video. And then shut the f*** up.
(I know, but it’s needed on this occasion)

This is what we’re allowing to be attacked, with words and actions. This is what we stand to lose if we don’t defend our NHS – and stand up for the people who work in it.

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