My fellow blogger Steve Walker got to this one before me – I planned to cover the Lords’ NHS debate but was distracted by an ignorant letter in the local press, written by the Conservative Parliamentary candidate. I might try to find another angle on this tomorrow but in the meantime I urge you to read this Skwawkbox article and lament the fact that Labour cannot deselect its lords.


A few minutes ago, 254 peers betrayed the people of England, as they defeated 146 other peers in a crucial NHS vote on a Labour motion in the House of Lords to kill ‘secondary legislation’ that the government is trying to implement under last year’s Health and Social Care Act.

Why was it such a betrayal? Earlier today, one quisling Labour peer, Norman  Warner, gave the game away when he went on the record in the Guardian to explain

Why I, a Labour peer, am supporting a regulated market for NHS competition

An unforgivable treason when the amended secondary legislation the government is trying to implement (having failed to sneak it through unnoticed) is even worse than the original version and will mire commissioners of NHS services in England in such confusion and fear of legal action that will force them to play safe by including private health companies…

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