Here’s a request regarding the bogus DWP psych test that exercised all of us so vigorously last week. Many of you may have already done as requested here; I’d like to think many more will be willing to help, also. It is important to fight scams wherever we find them – especially when they are perpetrated on us by the government!


I’ve been advised this morning that the DWP (or at least the unit that uploaded the test on its behalf) has now changed its fake online psych test so that you can no longer click through the test without answering the questions, in order to mask the fact that the test is a scam designed to manipulate unemployment benefit claimants. Nice to know I’ve inconvenienced them!

Of course, this does not mean that the answers at the end are genuine. I’ve had quite a lot of people tell me that they’ve gone through the test twice, clicking all negative answers once and all positive answers the second time – and got exactly the same answers.

But since the DWP is now trying to cover its tracks, I need to gather some evidence about these fake results. So I need to enlist your help before they have chance to rewrite the…

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