Regular readers of this blog will know that the Skwawkbox blog has been exposing the secrets of a bogus online personality test, run by the DWP. The latest revelation is that it was devised by an American expert in psychological torture.
This is chilling material, and evidence that the Conservative/Liberal Democrat administration absolutely does NOT have the best interests of its citizens at heart.
What kind of government knowingly and premeditatedly inflicts psychological torture on the most vulnerable people in the country?
That might be something worth mulling over, before the next time you vote (which will be next month, for some of you).


I wrote last week about a bogus online personality ‘test’ of 48 questions that Jobcentre Plus is forcing claimants to complete on behalf of the DWP – bogus because whatever answers you select, or even if you select none at all and just click next, you get the same or very similar answers.

From further investigation, it became apparent that this ‘test’ – forced on claimants as a ‘Jobseeker Direction’ that can result in ‘sanction’ of benefits if not obeyed – is being used as a tool to manipulate and intimidate terrified benefit-claimants, with the result that many could lose benefits simply for not being computer-literate, or even literate at all. That this is being done in a context of claimants committing suicide because of the fear of losing their benefits is utterly immoral.

That series of posts has been one of the most commented-on that I’ve written – and…

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