Here’s an excellent breakdown of why Iain Duncan Smith should never be allowed to even voice opinions on social security benefits in the UK, let alone formulate government policy on the subject. While Vox Political has covered some of the same ground in the past, this article brings what we know of this man’s hypocrisies together to make an excellent argument against him. Please read and share it.

Edinburgh Eye

Iain Duncan SmithA universal welfare state is the essential bedrock of a civilised country. A civilised country ensures that no one goes without healthcare because they can’t afford it, no one is treated as if worthless because they cannot work, and that anyone who loses their job needn’t fear destitution for themselves or for their family if they don’t find another job instantly. A civilised country ensures that no one needs to work when they are too young or too old or too disabled or too ill. This is not a system that can be replaced by random acts of charity: to become civilised, we pay taxes and national insurance and we all benefit.

Iain Duncan Smith became Secretary of State for Work and Pensions in May 2010 – a role he has held ever since, despite efforts by David Cameron to unseat him in the 2012 reshuffle. He has

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