Steve Walker nails the government’s disability lies.
If anyone tells you that Grant Shapps is saying scroungers are dropping ESA claims because they would be assessed for their level of disability, just point them to this article, which uses the Department for Work and Pensions’ own figures to prove that an increased caseload of work capability assessments has caused the number of abandoned cases to drop. That’s right – DROP.
MORE people are having their cases approved under the new, stricter regime.
The number of abandoned cases is down to natural wastage – ESA is not a benefit for life and people stop claiming when they get better, or find work they can do despite still being ill.
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More information on the government’s distortion of information on disability claims has come to light, thanks to a pointer from Declan Gaffney via Twitter. While the new information changes the focus slightly, it makes the government’s deceit, in the picture Grant Shapps and others are trying to paint, even worse than was at first obvious.

Shapps & co, along with their friends in the press, have claimed that 878,300 people decided not to pursue their claims for benefit because a change in the benefits system meant that they’d have to be assessed for their level of disability – and that this showed how much malingering there was under Labour and how necessary this government’s attack on disabled people is (though of course they euphemistically call it ‘reform’).

The additional data is a Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) spreadsheet showing the caseloads and outcomes for the Work Capability Assessment (WCA)…

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