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epetition1I recently launched an e-petition on the government’s website, aiming to ban MPs from speaking or voting on matters which would financially benefit them. The reasoning is obvious – if you’re likely to make money from a decision, you’re going to speak in favour of it and vote for it. That’s corruption, which is why every single political representative in the UK who is not a member of Parliament is forbidden from doing so.

Please take a look at the petition and sign it, if you haven’t already. Please also copy the image above and post it around Facebook, Twitter and any other social media where you think people would benefit from the information.

There’s a presence on Twitter – @CleanHouse44971 and I’m currently using the hashtag #CleanHouseOfCommons. It’s a bit bulky, I know, but CleanHouse or CleanTheHouse are already in use and I didn’t want to cause confusion.

Today the petition had its 3,000th signature, which is great. But this is something that should have mass, cross-party appeal, so I think it should be capable of much more, very quickly.

Please help.