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Eastleigh by-election - who's going to win? "I don't know" says Huhne.

Eastleigh by-election – who’s going to win? “I don’t know” says Huhne.

Some of you may remember just after Christmas I wrote an article entitled “Lib Dems’ new message for the New Year: Don’t laugh – they mean it”.

Last night we had proof of it on the BBC’s Question Time.

The discussion was about Chris Huhne’s court case, abandonment of his Parliamentary seat, and the by-election that will take place as a result.

Michael Moore, representing the Liberal Democrats, vowed that his party would fight hard to retain the seat. He said the Liberal Democrats were about “building a stronger economy in a fairer society, enabling everyone to get on in life”.

Those words are taken directly from the Liberal Democrats’ new ‘party message script’, released between Christmas and the New Year, that I dismissed as “utter, utter nonsense” in the earlier article.

The fact that Mr Moore felt comfortable quoting it merely reinforces my opinion that no Liberal Democrat should ever be allowed to get a seat in Parliament with it.

Allow me to reiterate what I wrote at the time: The economy is NOT strong; society is becoming more UNfair. FEWER people are now able to get on in life. It’s complete doublespeak and they need to be challenged on it at every turn.

The Eastleigh by-election is a perfect opportunity to do so.

Humza Yousaf MSP suggested that the poll might be a good opportunity for the Scottish Nationalist Party to field its first-ever candidate south of the English border; if I wasn’t a member of the Labour Party, I’d probably be telling you to vote for such a candidate!

One thing is certain – neither the Liberal Democrats nor the Conservatives deserve to win that seat.

Personally, I think the party that mobilises the 18-24 vote will be the winner, overwhelmingly if it can also engage the senior citizens. That means the message will have to be pitched just right.

My prediction: Eastleigh is about to be overwhelmed by a torrent of verbal and literary tripe.