This is sharp, perceptive, to the point (despite its length) and vital reading for anyone concerned about the Bryn Estyn (north Wales) children’s home allegations and the unfortunate way they were connected with an innocent party – who turns out to have been extremely media-savvy. Has he been manipulating coverage of this for his own ends? You decide…

The Slog

Is he a Machiavellian scribophile?

Twelve years ago – over in his favourite place, Australia – Lord Alistair McAlpine was promoting a book about somebody he seems to admire….Prince Machiavelli. Funny how the desire to promote book sales can come back to haunt a man anxious to cultivate an image for unworldly naivety and scrupulous honesty. The Slog invites all those with an open mind to judge for themselves about just who has been manipulating whom over the last five days.

I can’t claim anything approaching an exclusive on this one. I have been sent this interview with Lord Alistair McAlpine during 2000 in Australia by no fewer than nine Sloggers. It is, shall we say, incredibly revealing. And my guess is that most readers (and few if any currently terrified hacks) have read it.

The interview was to promote Lord Alistair McAlpine’s then new book, The New Machiavelli: The…

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