It seems Wales has been able to combat nhs dieback with a “cottage medicine” remedy known as “devolution”. Strange as it seems, the decision of the Welsh to follow their own instincts about how to deal with this situation seems to be working better than in England. However, there are some cross-borden incidences of nhs dieback that, it seems cannot be avoided but are likely to leave some of the people who most rely on the nhs, quite possibly, haemorrhaging at the wallet.

Pride's Purge


Experts say parasites which are causing the nhs dieback disease cannot be halted but hopes rest on breeding genetically resistant voters

An action plan agreed at a meeting of top experts will focus on harnessing the help of the public to try to slow the spread of the destructive parasitical policies threatening to destroy Britain’s indigenous nhs, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) chief scientific adviser said on Friday.

It is thought that thousands of new and established nhs branches are now riddled with the Nhs Dieback disease – known by experts as the Chalara fraxinea fungus – and are being slowly bled to death since destructive policies were introduced into the country from the US in May 2010.

Experts from Defra are pessimistic and say the widespread destruction is set to continue while this government is in place:

We have traced the origin of the fungus to a…

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