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This video shows Members of the Scottish Parliament hearing how a blind former health worker was reduced to begging as a result of the UK government’s welfare changes (I still refuse to call them reforms).

It is the gentleman’s personal account, in a letter being read to MSPs.

I’m publishing it here because I have received a couple of comments from another gentleman, putting forward the belief that the vast majority of those on disability benefits are scroungers. It’s a view that, polls suggest, is still held by a majority of the British public.

That view needs to be countered.

The video is nearly 10 minutes long. I urge those of you who might not want to spend that amount of time watching it to have patience; the information is good and it is worth hearing.

It’s only through finding out about what’s going on that people will ever be motivated to do something about it.

Otherwise, the vast majority of disabled people in the UK can look forward to a future as beggars.