There have always been concerns about the police, and about they way they in turn are policed. The result of this investigation will only increase those concerns. What makes it more worrying is that those responsible must know that they haven’t fooled anyone. Still they carry on and do exactly what they want. For anyone who thinks they’re living in a democratic country under the rule of law, that is a chilling thought.


How can you be sacked for gross misconduct AND keep your pension? No doubt he’ll have little difficulty finding alternative lucrative employment from some other public or private right wing employer who likes to see us plebs knocked about when we get a bit ‘uppity’.

“If he had known then what he now knows about the circumstances, everybody’s movements and Mr Tomlinson’s health, he would have used no force,…”; from what I remember, Mr. Tomlinson was not doing anything that required the use of ANY force; he was not a threat to the office, so that force was ‘unreasonable’ and therefore an assault- which resulted in his death ergo… do I need to say it? Not knowing about his health is no excuse; if there was a threat and reasonable force was used, then any pre-existing health condition becomes irrelevant. Because this was unreasonable force, then the resulting death, whether…

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