Here’s another terrifying consequence of Coalition welfare policy that we haven’t been told up-front.

the void

A toxic combination of Universal Credit and benefit caps could lead to every single women’s refuge is the UK closing their doors the charity Women’s Aid has warned.

Critics have also raised concerns that the new benefits system, which will see all benefit paid to just one member of a family, could leave people trapped in abusive relationships with no hope of escape.

Many homelessness hostels and night-shelters will also be affected by the benefit cap, although shockingly it will be those with children who are at greatest risk.

The benefit cap, set to be introduced in April 2013, will see benefits capped at £350 a week for a single claimant and £500 for a family of any size.  This cap includes support with rent payments, which make up the bulk of almost all benefit awards.  Already Housing Benefit caps are leading to soaring homelessness and the impact has barely…

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